Description - Ceramic Quartz Crystal Resonators Type Frequency Range
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Ceramic Quartz Crystal Resonators

TACA series incorporates a sub-miniature AT-cut strip crystal resonator housed in a miniature 4.0×2.5×1.2mm ceramic package.

SMD 7.600~40.000MHz

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Redial Taping Dimensions   PDF (298KB)
Redial Taping Dimensions of Resonators, Filters, Discriminators, and Trap.

Piezo Electric Devices Precaution Usage   PDF (220KB)
For Soldering conditions, operating temperature range, changes/drifts in oscillating frequency, surface mounting consideration, overvoltage spikes and electrostatic discharges, post soldering cleaning, and operation and storage conditions, please refer to this page chip piezo electric devices precaution usage.

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