High Voltage Tubular Metal Ceramic Resistors


Tokenchina's ceramic RMCD high volagte series is specified for higher average power dissipation in RF applications such as transmitters and modulators, where the tube configuration provides more effective convection cooling. This ceramic RMCD voltage resistor features higher voltage withstanding, and non-inductance.

Ceramic RMCD volatge series meet RoHS compliant. Detailed specifications, both mechanical and electrical, please contact our sales representative for more information.

Features Non-Inductance Tubular Ceramic Resistors - RMCD High Voltage Series

  • Stability temperature and voltage
  • Heavy load characteristics
  • Non-inductive


  • X-Ray/Imaging Equipment, Damped Capacitive Voltage Dividers
  • Dynamic Braking, Dummy Load, Capacitor Bank Discharge
  • Soft Start/Current Limit, Radar Pulse-Forming Networks
  • Recurrent Surge Generators, Arc Furnace Damping
  • Pulse Modulators, High Voltage Snubber Circuits
  • Impulse Voltage Generators, Wave Form Load
  • Impulse Current Shunts, Tube Arc Protection

Specifications & Dimensions (Unit: mm) - High Voltage RMCD

Tubular Ceramic Resistors
Type Dimensions (mm) Resistance
Peak Voltage
L±3.0 ΦD±2.0 Φd±2.0
RMCD-100 305 25.4 15.5 75 ~ 1K ±10 30 75 100
RMCD-90 250 25.4 15.5 25 60 90
RMCD-70 200 25.4 15.5 20 45 70
RMCD-50 150 25.4 15.5 15 30 50
RMCD-35 100 25.4 15.5 10 15 35

Electrical Characterisics - RMCD

Type Power Rating Temperature
Resistivity Specific Heat Inductance Density Max. Operating
RMCD 35 ~ 100W -500 ~ -1500PPM/°C 5 ~ 80Ω·cm 2J/cm3·°C 0.4µH max 2.25g/cm3 220°C max

How to Order - Tubular Ceramic RMCD

RMCD 100W 200R K S B
Product Type
Power Rating
Resistance Value
Resistance Tolerance
K: ±10%
Silver plate terminal
B: black

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RMCD Series - Tubular High Voltage Ceramic Resistors